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Sebastián Lelio · Chile · 2017 · 105 mins · PG · Spanish with subtitles
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In solidarity with UVic’s 5 Days of Action, Cinecenta is screening films this week that encourage conversations aimed at establishing meaningful and respectful dialogue to end sexualized violence, discrimination, and oppression.


A young transgender woman who works as a singer and waitress in Santiago, Chile, Marina Vidal (fiercely and sympathetically embodied by Daniela Vega) has just watched her lover succumb to an aneurysm.

The dreary business of tidying up affairs necessitates an encounter with the deceased's embittered ex-wife, who greets her with disgust. "When I look at you," she snarls, "I don't know what I'm seeing." Marina registers the insult with the silent indignation of someone who's heard it all before. But for Sebastián Lelio, who wrote and directed this compassionate and captivating movie, Sonia's spiteful words are less an attack than a challenge, and perhaps even an invitation.

For the better part of two hours he follows Marina as she races from devastation to determination, from righteous anger to melancholy understanding, across a city that views her with rude indifference at best and predatory contempt at worst.

Which is not to suggest that "A Fantastic Woman” is a bleak or hopeless piece of work. The story, for all its cruelty, doesn't skimp on humor or optimism, and when Marina isn't being assaulted by thugs and haters, she finds relief in the warmly supportive arms of people like her sister and music teacher.

The foundation on which the movie rests and finally soars, is Vega's magnetic and meticulously controlled performance.

Vega is transgender herself, and her casting has been rightly hailed as an art-house breakthrough.

But if the resulting performance is a triumph of representation, it is also a bold and endlessly sympathetic feat of imagination — an acting tour de force whose every flash of fury and ecstasy is grounded in a cool, radiant stillness. By movie's end we know precisely what — or rather, who — we're looking at, but what matters more is that Marina seems to have known all along.  --Los Angeles Times
"It's a fantastic movie. Daniela Vega, the star, is fantastic in it." New York Times
"A new, luminous touchstone work." Variety
Cast Daniela Vega, Francisco Reyes, Luis Gnecco
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