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François Ozon · France · 2017 · 107 mins · Not Rated · French with subtitles
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François Ozon has made a deliciously twisted erotic thriller in which a sexy young mental case (Marine Vacth, “Young & Beautiful”) gets mixed up with a pair of twin psychotherapists (both played by Jérémie Renier). One wants to marry her, while the other relies on more unconventional methods, forcing his damaged-goods patient to confront her most deeply buried secrets and desires.

For those who know Ozon’s work, “L’amant double” constitutes a most welcome return to the frisky pleasures of his early career, when he steamed up the screen with the likes of “Criminal Lovers” and “Swimming Pool.”

Ozon uses Joyce Carol Oates’ “Lives of the Twins” (written under the pseudonym of Rosamond Smith) as the leaping-off point for an elegant — if unapologetically campy — exploration of sexual repression, one whose old-fashioned Freudian sensibility lends itself to feverish delusions, extended fantasy sequences, long hallways of infinitely reflecting mirrors, and back-to-back sex scenes.

Sure, it’s kinky, but Ozon is having fun with it, to the extent that the entire film rewards that fetish all moviegoers have in common — voyeurism — offering up a kind of equal-opportunity objectification.  --Variety

“Shiveringly sexy thriller….Perhaps no director other than Ozon would have the imagination and panache to carry it off.” The Telegraph
"An absolute gem!" The Wrap
Cast Marine Vacth, Jérémie Renier, Jacqueline Bisset
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