Coming Soon to Cinecenta
Oct 21 3:00, 5:15 & 7:30 pm
Oct 22 7:00 pm
Oct 22 9:10 pm
Oct 23 7:00 & 9:10 pm
Oct 24 & 25 7:00 & 9:35 pm
Oct 26 & 27 3:00 & 7:00 pm


MIKE HOOLBLOOM · CANADA · 2016 · 57 mins · not rated
A free community film screening!
Everyone is welcome, bring your family, bring your friends (and enemies!)
Come support weird Canadian cinema.

We Make Couples
is a master documentary maker’s six-years-in-the-making Marxist love story. Crammed full of thoughts on cinema, politics and the pleasures and costs of our collective stabs at happiness, it’s a powerful film challenging us to ask whether ‘the couple’ could also be a form of resistance.

Featuring guest appearances from Suffragettes, Pussy Riot protesters, a runaway goat, two poodles, Mos Def, Frankenstein and cinema’s first kiss, We Make Couples draws fresh geometries of relationships. In a fittingly ravishing ‘gone and there’ montage of sound, stills, 16mm footage, and who knows what and from where...
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