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Shana Feste · Canada/USA · 2018 · 105 mins · 14A
AwardsIMDbMetaCriticRotten Tomatoes

Christopher Plummer plays Jack Jaconi, the pathologically charming and selfish father of Laura (Vera Farmiga). He’s a smiley and debonair old coot who has just gotten kicked out of his senior-citizen facility, and has $200,000 worth of marijuana he’s trying to unload. He also speaks his mind with such a sly-boots sense of humour that it takes us a moment or two to notice how merciless he is. Every line is served up with Plummer’s dryly amused finesse.

 Most of the story takes place on a drive from Portland to Los Angeles, where Laura plans to deposit Jack with her sister, a goofy Deadhead and dog-walker. They stop off at the homes of several key people: Jack’s two old buddies, played by Christopher Lloyd and Peter Fonda, as well as Laura’s ex-husband, a flyweight scoundrel (Bobby Cannavale). Along the way, Henry, the ‘weird’ grandson (Lewis McDougall), a young artist, forms the inevitable secret alliance with Jack.

Farmiga hasn’t had a part this good since Up in the Air, and Plummer is on a roll. Boundaries, to be sure, delivers you to a place you know you’re going, but there should always be room for a movie that does it this well…. A touching yet wised-up father-daughter road movie that’s the best version of this sort of film you could imagine.
“Being in the presence of Plummer these days is always time well spent.” –
Cast Christopher Plummer, Vera Farmiga, Christopher Lloyd, Peter Fonda
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