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Carla Simón · Spain · 2017 · 97 mins · G · Catalan with English subtitles
AwardsIMDbMetaCritic 81Rotten Tomatoes 100%


      Summer 1993 balances delicately on the aftermath of a tragedy, but its tone is far from dismal. Unfolding during a sun-dappled summer in the Catalonian countryside, this autobiographical debut (culled from the childhood memories and family stories) is light on drama yet dense with unspoken feeling.

At the center of every scene is 6-year-old Frida (Laia Artigas), whose mother’s death has caused her to be transplanted from a Barcelona apartment to the rural home of her young uncle and his wife (David Verdaguer and Bruna Cusí). As Frida struggles to adjust to the unfamiliar rhythms of her welcoming new family and the companionship of her younger cousin, Anna (Paula Robles), the movie evokes her emotional fragility with a series of low-key yet vivid vignettes.

Filmed in the locations where the director lived at that age, Summer 1993 is movingly understated and beautifully acted. Swimming ponds and poultry and heat-languid vegetables enable the children’s games, and the cinematographer, Santiago Racaj, crouches down to toddler height to watch. Through his lens, we see an entirely new family being born.
–The New York Times

“A tender and spare meditation on family unfurls in the stillness of a sleepy, sun-soaked Spanish summer… a semi-precious gem.”
–Arizona Republic
“A memorable look at our desire to love and feel safe, to connect and belong—and the unexpected ways in which families can reshape and grow.” –Los Angeles Times
“Not since Boyhood has a film shown this much respect and understanding for what it's like to be a child.” –San Diego Reader
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