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Tom Harper · UK · 2018 · 101 mins · PG
Awards IMDb8094%

 “Three chords and the truth.” It’s the tattoo that adorns spitfire Rose-Lynn Harlan’s (Jessie Buckley) forearm. And it’s the reason the Glaswegian lass proclaims she loves good-old American country music. But although she belts the tunes with an astonishing sense of soul and clarity, it’s the truth part that trips her up. Her journey to discover that is the tale of “Wild Rose,” a Scottish love letter to American country music. Buckley commands the screen as the tornado at the center of the story, a wild woman with fire in her veins and a love of music that seems to burst out of her. Despite all the limitations on her life, Rose-Lynn is one of the most free-spirited creatures to ever be put on film. “Wild Rose” is filled with Buckley's incredible vocal performances: tearing up the stage with the house band at Glasgow's Grand Ole Opry, belting classic country standards. Like the tattoo says, it's just three chords and the truth. And in “Wild Rose,” what stunningly beautiful, heart-swelling music that is.  --Chicago Tribune

“In ‘Wild Rose,’ heartbreak can - and does - become something beautiful.”Washington Post

“May sound like a familiar tune, but you've never heard it performed quite like this.”

Cast Jessie Buckley, James Harkness, Julie Walters
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