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Pedro Almodóvar · Spain · 2019 · 113 mins · R
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This film raises the possibility that, at 70, director Pedro Almodóvar is in the midst of a magnificent flowering, that we’re witnessing the best period of his career. Pain and Glory is the story of a Spanish film director, who finds himself dealing with a variety of ailments, physical and emotional, that are keeping him from working. Salvador (Antonio Banderas) has self-narrated his life through the films he has made, which are radical, colorful and vivid. But now he’s feeling the universal blur of old age dissolving his edges. At the same time, his memories keep pulling him back to his beginnings, to his childhood and his relationship with his resourceful and tireless mother (Penélope Cruz). Almodóvar combines a high sense of style with a deep sense of humanity, along with a touch of erotic beauty that has always characterized his work. “Pain and Glory,” all about healing rifts and rejoining life, is personal and universal. It’s also simple in a way that’s incandescent — suffused by a strange and beautiful gentleness of spirit.—San Francisco Chronicle
“Undoubtedly, one of the Almodóvar’s best works and among the best films of the year.” Cinevue
“Bright and shimmering with beauty.” The New York Times
Cast Antonio Banderas, Asier Etxeandia, Leonardo Sbaraglia
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