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Gavin Hood · UK/USA · 2019 · 113 mins · PG

A whistleblower risks everything in ouuurder to do what she thinks is right in Official Secrets, a sturdy, an entertaining political thriller that pushes all the right buttons and triggers all the right outraged reactions. Keira Knightley is persuasive as Katharine Gun, a British GCHQ employee who in 2003 leaked a sensitive document in the hopes of preventing her country from invading Iraq — a decision that did nothing to stop that war but found her facing imprisonment. Director Gavin Hood gives the proceedings a rousing electricity, and he’s aided by a cast which leans into the story’s urgency and continued relevance. Knightley shows real steel as Gun, giving the character a righteous fury as she refuses to sit by while her government conspires to blackmail other countries in order to justify this encroaching war. –ScreenDaily


“Like the whistleblower at its center, "Official Secrets" has backbone and conviction, something we could use more of today.” –Detroit News


“Knightly is utterly captivating.” –Den of Geek

Cast Keira Knightly, Matthew Goode, Ralf Fiennes
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